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World Leader in Dimensional Control Laser Measurements for the Petrochemical and Construction Industry.

Our dimensional control software, Lazr2CAD , is a third party software running in AutoCAD 2012. Our years of experience in engineering design and Retrofit construction have enabled us to develop Lazr2CAD into the most complete dimensional control software in the industry. This program increases productivity and efficiency, decreases safety related issues and human entry errors and minimizes the learning curve, because it is transfers measurements directly to the computer, validates download accuracy and automatically generates the AutoCAD drawings with all object positioned orientations and angles.

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Laser Scanning

Our laser scanning features the Z+F 5010 Laser scanner. This is the best phased based laser scanner on the market. This laser scanner has an effect scanning range of 187 meters. With scanning times as fast as 3.5 minutes per scan. Another feature that makes the IMAGER® 5010 one of the most advanced scanners in the industry is the fact that it is the only Class 1 laser scanner, which means it can be operated in any location with no health and safety issues....

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